Did you know that Women influence more than 80% of all consumers spending?

The women who attend our events are business owners, independent contractors, managers, mothers, wives and single women. They may be the professionals in their field of expertise, but all are making important financial decisions about their homes and their businesses.

Did you know –

  • There are 6 million women in the US labor force.
  • Women own about 10 millionbusinesses, accounting for $1.4 trillion in receipts.
  • Women make 89% of financial service decisions,control 40% of investable wealth, and are inheriting another 30%.
  • 60% of women prefer a female financial planner.
  • Women influence 70% of auto purchases.
  • Women decide which insurance best suits their family needs.
  • Bristol-Meyerscall women the “Home Health Category Manager”, because women are making the largest decisions for the immediate family and parents. In fact, women make 80% of all health care decisions. 
  • The transfer of wealth to women in this country is in the trillions of dollars, and along with businesses, and 83% of everything sold in the non-business-to-business setting is done or influenced by women.  That includeshome; beauty; clothing; children,food, and even just eating in or out.

Become  the known expert in your field! Buildlasting relationships! Enjoy a casual setting focused on building business with women. 


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