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January 28, 2020,  5-7:30pm

Networking Event for Businesswomen

18650 W Old US Hwy 12
Chelsea, MI 48118 

Our Guest Speaker

Shasta Grifka 

Shasta works with businesses to create a digital strategy for a complete marketing plan.  

‘Throw It Against The Wall And See What Sticks’ is not a strategic plan. The online world is so crowded that new ideas require thoughtful strategy, execution and time. If you want to succeed you’ll need a plan.


Welcome to Women Making  Connections  

We believe that people want to do business with people they know and trust. That trust isn’t built by posting life activities on various social networks, but by building interpersonal relationships, even meeting over coffee or a glass of wine.

Our mission is to create a social environment for women that supports growing a personal circle of influence,which in turn grows business and professional relationships.

The women you meet at a Women Making Connections event may be ready to do business with you now or even in the future. Once they know you though, they may be more likely to introduce you to just the right person!  Come and learn the simple rules to building your own circle of influence.

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Email with your name, business name and number of people you’d like to bring with you. Bring your office or lots of friends.

  • Be prepared to enjoy some fabulous appetizers and libations while you get to know with other businesswomen in the community.
  • Make sure you bring plenty of business cards.
  • Bring your smile, a welcoming handshake and a business associate. Plan to meet some great women!


Tammy Burgess Bridges

After helping to establish the Hartland, Michigan Chamber of Commerce at the tender age of 23, Tammy brought her enthusiasm and knack for networking with a move to Ann Arbor. After living there for several years, she again saw great groups doing great things but not talking to each other, she especially saw a need for a general networking group for women.

“I started Women Making Connections because all the women’s organizations seemed to be separated. I wanted them to come together in one location, meet each other, offer services, do networking and fundraising,” she said. “They all focused differently on their businesses, but all of them had the goal of growing business connections. I thought, why not have them meet in one place, network with one another in a casual social atmosphere?”

From that very first year, it was a success! At that point, Tammy knew that there truly was a need for the networking service she was providing. Over the years, attendance had grown, and Tammy said that hundreds of women have shown up to some of the group’s events.

Women Making Connections is having a rebirth in Chelsea the nice thing about that is we now we have a permanent home at Great Space Chelsea.

“Our goal is to have women build business relationships. While networking events are important, they can also be intimidating. Tammy uses a few tactics to make them less so. Among them are “Cracking the Connection Code” in which Tammy gives quick tips on how to feel more comfortable while networking. “I really just talk about being brave,” she said, “including how to accept a business card, what to do with it and how-to follow-up with that.” Bridges also helps women break down the cultural taboo around talking to strangers.

Another way to break down barriers is the elimination of the typical six-foot tables. “There are no chairs, either,” she said. Instead, smaller tables feel like less of a barrier, and it’s easier to stand next to a visitor instead of reaching across the table.

“It’s not about collecting brochures and giveaways. It’s about connecting with people, finding out who they are, what their needs are, and how you can help with those needs.”

Tammy said a wide variety of sponsors attend the events. The businesses don’t have to be women-owned, but they have to be there to support women.

Susan-Pickering-Rothamel-1Susan Pickering Rothamel

Some of the best connections in my life have been made through the work that I do, through my community and not surprisingly, through professional groups. They have provided me the privilege to make new friends and grow both personally and professionally.

I’ve learned that today, the best business practice is all about collaboration, not competition. When there’s transparency, trust grows. Collaboration creates excitement, but more importantly, when everything clicks, every day seems lighter, more buoyant, and full of purpose.

Making a connection is about forging a partnership, whether fleeting or long-term. Most often those partnerships – those connections, are about understanding someone else’s life and their interests. But in turn, weare the ones that gain the confidence and skills we need to overcome barriers and reach our owngoals. When women connect, lives change.

At Women Making Connections, we aim for a casual atmosphere and face-to-face connecting, with a touch of social media. Our quarterly meeting is a place to meet like-minded women, seek out a mentor or be mentored. A place where you can share your expertise which is sure to pay off in unexpected ways.

Life rewards action. The more connections you make, the richer and more creative your life will be.

Join us!

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